S A M S U N G   G A L A X Y B R A N D

As a creative and strategic liaison between client and agency, I created work across categories from mobile to home appliances to software and services, with visibility and engagement on all teams to create more cohesiveness and confidence for Samsung's perception in North America and abroad.

In a continuous internal campaign to throw focus anywhere but ourselves, I worked in collaboration with incredible directors and creators in including Oscars-history-making duo Dee Reese and Rachel Morrison, human solar system Issa Rae, brilliant queer angel M Blash, and the celestial, feline Tom Hooper.

Through a dozen flagship launches, we created TVC and collaborations supporting Samsung's Galaxy brand work, building relevance and supporting truly diverse, representative content and creators. Working from long-term strategy to development and execution, I have focused on brand voice and personality for Galaxy with a twist of aesthetic and cultural dominatrix.

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