O U T  T H E R E

C A N A D A  G O O S E

Canada Goose has been owned and run by the same family since its inception over 60 years ago, and they've largely been a gear-head, survivalist, salt of the Earth bunch. But then Drake flashed his Canadian pride in a Goose parka and they become a luxury brand with a history they didn't want to lose. To commemorate their many turns around the moon, we conducted archival interviews with a dozen adventurers, rescue workers, climbers, extremists and loners of every walk of life who have incredible memories sewn into the seams of their tattered, post-apocalyptic, all terrain and still kicking Goose jackets. The four minute film contains interactive audio that delves into their personal stories over semi-fictional mythology.

Watch the full film here.

Cinematographer | Sean Bobbit

Director | Paul Haggis

Shot on location in New Zealand

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